The Ministry of Transportation has as its assigned ministerial responsibilities, the following:

  • Public Transportation Policy Direction and Control.
  • Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of all transportation policies and programmes by transport related agencies in Lagos State.
  • Formulation of all relevant laws affecting Transportation.
  • Provision of Road Infrastructure and Furniture appropriate for Transportation and Traffic Management Control.
  • Supervision and Control of Motor Parks and Transportation Unions.
  • Performing oversight functions on all its agencies; MVAA, LAGBUS, LAMATA, LASTMA, LASDRI, LASWA and LAGFERRY.
  • Establishing inter-face with other agencies of State Government on transportation and other related matters.
  • Liaison and co-operating with the Federal Ministry of Transportation and Transport Agencies of the federal government and other States of the federation.


The Ministry aside the statutory departments of Administration and Human Resource,   Finance and Accounts also has the following professional Departments through which it carries out its statutory responsibilities. These include –

(i))        Transport Policy and Coordination

(ii)         Transport Operations

(iii)       Transport Engineering

(iv)      Public Transport and Commuter Services

(v)        Vehicle Inspection Service


Additionally, the Ministry superintends over seven Agencies of government which report to the Honourable Commissioner (MOT) through the Permanent Secretary (MOT). These agencies include

(i)         Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA): responsible for management and control of Traffic and the enforcement of relevant laws

(ii)        Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA): responsible for the co-ordination and management of water transportation, granting of ferry licenses and concessions for the operation of terminals to applicants

(iii)       Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA): constructs road networks and make recommendations on route planning

(iv)       Lagos State Drivers’ Institute (LASDRI): re-trains professional and commercial drivers in the art of vehicle driving, maintenance, management, customer service relations, ethics and being road user friendly

(v)        Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA): registration and capturing of all data on vehicles and drivers

(vi)       Lagos Bus Service Limited (LBSL): Established to drive, implement, and sustain the reform of the public bus transportation sector

(vii)      Lagos Ferry Services Company (LAGFERRY): operates water transportation services geared at providing a viable alternative to road transportation.



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